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UVWAY; The Self-Disinfecting Door Handle Leading to a New Normal

Canadian made UVWAY uses UV light technology to kill harmful pathogens present on the handle’s surface


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OTTAWA, ON: Amidst a world pandemic, Canadian start-up company Luxars Technology will

launch its redesigned self-disinfecting door handle through Indiegogo in June 2021. 


With safety measures in place to assure no harm to humans or pets, the UVWAY handle uses UV

light that has been scientifically proven to kill germs and bacteria. After it is touched, the door

handle uses an automatic sensor that turns on the cleaning cycle for 10 to 30 seconds, killing any germs present on the surface. 


Washing hands thoroughly and wiping down frequently touched surfaces is paramount in stopping the spread of germs and illnesses. Research has shown that door handles carry over 1,300 types of germs, bacteria or potentially harmful pathogens and are among the five dirtiest objects in a home. However, wiping down a door handle after every use is wasteful and not always possible. UVWAY’s goal is to minimize the spread of infectious diseases and keep everyone safe and protected without the hassle.


“With the emergence of COVID-19 and its devastating effects around the world, I felt compelled to start a venture and create something that can help people and our community,” Luxars CTO Elijah Erb said. 


Unlike the UVWAY, the antimicrobial properties found in copper or brass door handles become less effective from layers of human sweat after extended use and require a minimum of a few hours to kill germs. Luxars Technology created a product that makes disinfecting automatic and simple in a time where community safety is of the utmost concern. 


“I believe that UVWAY is a part of the ongoing solution to reduce the spread of infectious disease where it matters most. It’s a first step towards advancing disease prevention technology for the future,” Erb said.    


About Luxars Inc.: Luxars Technology is a Canadian start-up company founded by Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering graduate Elijah Erb and Carleton BA graduate Ji Seo. Luxars Tech will soon launch its first product through Indiegogo with the UVWAY handle. The growing company aims to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases through innovative technology and simple solutions. 


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